Thai Food and Pictures!

It has been quite a while since my last post and a few important things have occurred.  First, I have a camera!  This is exciting as I was relying on Ashok’s and since he and I are now on opposite ends of the country I get to take artsy pictures of food again!  I love artsy pictures of food.

aw yeah!

Another piece of exciting news is that I officially can stand to eat Thai food again!  I spent most of May and part of June in Thailand and after three meals a day predominately consisting of rice products, I was very much not in the mood for Thai food.  But after two months avoiding the stuff, I picked up my Thai cookbook today (translated in a way that makes the English major in me smile) and made my family dinner (which spoils the third piece of news, I’m home again rather than at school). Continue reading


The Farmer’s Market Challenge, AKA Eggplant It’s-not-parm

Finally, finally, I’m home again in beautiful Western Washington where 100 degree heat is cause for panic and I can comfortably wear jeans all the time. Life is good. It’s also quiet, which is why I came up with a new game called Farmer’s Market: you go to the Farmer’s Market and menu plan there. It’s sort of like the Iron Chef in that you can use other things too, but if you shy away too much from the original task the judges (aka myself) will glare judgmentally at you before docking points.

As it so happens, eggplant is in season during summer, and doesn’t complain much about the 50 Fahrenheit nights we’ve been having. Done, done, and sold: the person who I ended up buying the tomatoes, onion, and eggplants from even gave me an especially ripe eggplant he’d been hanging onto in back (or under the table, since this was a farmer’s market). Continue reading