Egg Pasta? Last night’s dinner!

So I have a confession to make. I use Flipboard. I feel like this is something that I ought to be embarrassed about. Here’s the story: I downloaded the app when it first came out and was super cool and fancy and on Android and stuff. And as I was flipping through stuff, I found this article. Its been love with Flipboard ever since. I didn’t have green garlic on hand so I made this up instead.

Ingredients (serves two, though it could be easily doubled or more):

1/4 pound spaghetti

One massive stalk of green onion (see how big it was below), or stalks of mass-market grocery store green onions; chopped

Two eggs

2 + 1 tbsp Olive oil

Five cloves garlic, coarsely chopped (cloves into two or three chunks each)

And cue the peanut gallery: but wait, Ashok, aren’t you a vegan? You can’t eat eggs! Well, yes, that’s what you’d think. But like most things, my food ethics don’t fit on a t-shirt – I just call myself vegan because it’s the most accurate, simple descriptor. If and when available, I happily (joyously, even) consume locally grown, ethical animal products. Otherwise, I obstain from animal products.

I bought the eggs I used in this at Marlene’s, my favorite store of all time (it’s like Whole Foods but a local chain). My rule of thumb, when deciding whether eggs are ethically sourced: if the eggs look the same, they’re from a yucky factory farm. You can see, below, the different shapes and sizes and colors of the eggs.

Fresh, local, pasture-raised-hen eggs of different shapes/sizes/colors. Also, look at that onion! That’s what buying local/organic does to your food, kids.


Start cooking the pasta.

Throw in coarsely chopped (each clove was cut into two or three pieces) over medium heat, cook the garlic in two tablespoons of oil just until the garlic starts to carmalize, then add the green onions and cook another two or three minutes, then put into a bowl large enough for all of the spaghetti.

When the spaghetti is finished, strain it and mix well with the green onions and garlic.

Use the remaining oil to fry the eggs (make sure make sure the yolk is still runny…I covered the pan with a glass lid to help cook the white without hardening the yellow) and serve as pictured, with the pasta/garlic/onion underneath the egg.

Add salt and pepper to taste, enjoy immediately.

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