What is this Math Doing in my Food? A Post About Thinking

The other day, I thought to myself: why don’t I try baking something sweet with nutritional yeast?  So I started looking for recipes that I thought could use a bit more umami cheesy flavor in them, and thinking about sweet baked goods which would do well with cheese added.

Then I realized, this is exactly the thought process that I use to figure out how to solve difficult Foundations of Math (the first math class here that requires proving things) problems.  And this is exactly how I work out complicated algorithms to solve CompSci homework problems, too.  I ended up deciding to make jam bars with nutritional yeast, feeling perhaps a little too cocky after reading a recipe for cheddar cheese jam bars (basically it was a pie-esque crust, with jam smeared on top, then baked). Continue reading


My Thoughts from GHC, Otherwise Known as Code Like a Bad Ass


I know it’s been quite a few months without any activity here, I’m back at school so fitting in time for cooking and strong opinions is harder.  Even this post is a month old.  I wrote it in early October and was unsure of whether or not to post it for fear of making people angry.  Now, I think I can trust anyone who reads this to accept this as my opinion and disagree as they see fit.

This past week I attended the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing in Baltimore and had an amazing time.  I met other Computer Science majors from all over the country.  I learned about how to start developing for open source platforms (which will be an entry in itself one day). I got more free stuff than my room can handle.   What’s more, I gave my resume to representatives from some amazing companies that I would love to work for one day as I don’t think they have many plans to become an evil empire (Oh hey potential employers.  What?  No.   I completely forgot I had a link to this blog in my resume).  Hire me! *ahem* Where was I?  Oh yes.  GHC. Continue reading

Happy phone

I have a smartphone.  It’s a Samsung Galaxy S™ II, Epic™ 4G Touch, in the color Vortex Black (no but really, I think their naming schemes are almost too concise…).  I use it a lot for GPS navigation, which it’s actually pretty good at.  If I get everything set up before I’m driving (and therefore not using my phone because that’s dangerous) it’ll even tell me which way is fastest based on traffic.

I had this problem with Google Navigation (the GPS app), though: it sort of pissed me off.  Hearing it demand that I “turn left onto South 18th Street” was all good and well, until I was at, say, a complicated intersection where there were two or three different possible lefts I could make.  In that situation it felt as if my phone was as anxious (or more anxious) to get where I was going than I was, and making this stressful demand on me so it wouldn’t be late to meet my friend’s phones. Continue reading

Object Oriented Pie

There will be pie in this post, but if the saying is “you’re going to have to sing for your supper” then you’ll definitely need to learn for your desserts. Still if you just want the recipe, scroll down to the bottom.

The other day I learned I was going to be TA-ing my school’s Intro to Computer Science class (so did Ashok for that matter, but I’ll let him talk about his own experiences with it).  To understand why this is as  exciting for me as it is involves a little back story as well as a familiarity with the phrase “the wand choses the wizard, Mr. Potter”.  Coming into college, I was not overly pleased with the fact that I needed to take another math credit to graduate.  I came in undecided but very firmly planted in the arts and humanities side of campus.  Still, it had to be done so I put on my big girl pants and signed up for the least math related math class I could find: Intro to Computer Science.  To my surprise, I enjoyed myself.  I enjoyed myself so much I’m still taking CS classes.  Now, it’s my major. Continue reading